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A BRAND who understands your unique love story

Welcome! We are seasoned cinematographers ready to capture and tell your love story. Notice how we said "cinematographers" and not "videographers". There is a difference believe it or not! The difference is simple, and comes down to one magical word, storytelling. How a cinematographer tells a story compared to how a videographer does, is vast! Not to say a videographer can't, but a cinematographer really highlights the details and a lot of what you'll see in your film focuses on detailed images.

This is who we are. Our craft is unique story-telling in a way that shows your love in a different light. Our films bring out the most emotion. We give a ton of love and effort for each couple from the beginning stage of booking and planning, to the actual wedding day, and even the editing phase after. We strive to make sure our couples are completely satisfied with their finished product. Each one of our films is created different and each of them have their own unique style. So you never know what you will end up with!


Avec L'Amour



Rather than just hitting record and capturing all the "traditional" expected things you see in a wedding film, our biggest accomplishment is the details. We believe the real story lies within the small things. The small things, create bigger moments!



All of our films are captured using high end equipment. It does takes more than the equipment alone to create memorable films though. Our team is filled with creative and experienced cinematographers with talent like no other! This is why we take particular preparation when creating each and every one of our films.



One thing we pride ourselves on is our love for the craft. We like to believe that our work speaks for itself. Each one of our films holds a certain place in our hearts and we craft them specifically tailored to each couple and their personality. Providing the best work for our couples is what our brand represents.

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Photos courtesy of Heather Soucy Photography